Wax Hands

We bring a large wax machine with high grade paraffin wax melted to just the right temperature to create wax moldings of your hand.  Using a higher quality wax and a machine that can control the temperature of the wax to 1.5 degrees assures a safe and fun event.  Our wax is chip, crumble resistant and has a slightly higher melting point than traditional wax.  This helps it last for years to come, as long as its in a temperature controlled environment.   Your guests pick their hand position, color/s and we stay onsite to help each person create their wax hand.  This novelty is most popular with high school and college students.  Adults love this unique item as well.

This is not recommended for children under 6 years old.

PRODUCTION: 40-45 per hour

SPECS: 3 tables, 2 chairs, electricity, shade if outside