Photo Post Cards

This is a great one for multicultural events, be anywhere in the world with a few clicks and have the evidence to prove it!  You will never have to leave your event to be seen in Paris, The Great Wall of China, or anywhere else in the world you desire.  Each person in the photo will get their own postcard to mail, or keep.  If you let us know in advance where you want to take your guest Entertainment Crazy will make sure we have those options at your event.  We can also put you in a movie set, standing next to a famous person or just have YOUR logo or theme in the background.  Everything is possible with this amazing technology.  Amazing for any age and awesome for kids and adults alike.  Each image is printed with our high resolution professional grade printer.  

PRODUCTION RATE: 60-70 per hour

                                                                               SPECS: 4 tables, 2 chairs, electricity and if outside must be in a shaded area