Candle Making

This novelty item is great for teenagers and young adults.  Entertainment Crazy has taken out the traditional complications generally associated with candle making and left all the fun! Your guests will create their very own candle, that they can burn later off premise.  We bring everything needed to create these special items. We bring multiple shaped glass, colored wax and wicks.  All we need is your desire to use your imagination.  As always we stay onsite and make sure each event is run safely, without mess and afterwards, we will clean up, and leave the space as we found it.  As candles require glass, this is not meant for very small children.  Great for winter/fall events althought this can be done year round.  If you want to limit the color selection available for your event, it's no problem; just mention it when you book.  This booth can be run electricity free.

PRODUCTION OUTPUT: up to 30 per hour

SPECS: 3 tables, 8 chairs, shade if outside.  This novelty is not recommended for temperatures over 90 degrees as it could cause the wax to be difficult to work with.