Carnival Games

With over 40 carnival games in stock, we have just about everything you have ever heard of in carnival game supplies.  We may also have games you have never seen.  We have the largest inventory of games in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex so there is no need to sub-lease games from other agencies.  What does this mean for you?  We offer amazing prices as we love to keep them rented, looking to have a carnival themed event, or just add games for that extra pizzaz?  Give Entertainment Crazy a call.  This page is still under construction and we have more images coming soon. We have more games than is listed on this page!

Stand the Bottle

Tic Tac Toe

Can Smash


Putt Putt

Ring Toss


Mini Hoops

Football Toss #1

Football Toss #2

Cow Pie Fly #1

Cow Pie Fly #2

Jurassic Toss

Feed the Dinosaur

Lazer Toss-Frisbee

Bonk the Clown

Chicken Wing Fling

Feed the Spider-BUGS

Slop the Hog

Feed the shark


Bingo-All supplies

Clown Kiddiestriker

Giraffe Kiddiestriker

Roller Bowler


Spin Art

Duck Pond