Production Rate: 50/hr

Henna is a natural plant which grows in areas of India, Pakistan and some parts of Africa.  An artist applies Henna paste to the skin.  The paste produces a stain that can last up to three weeks.  The longer the paste stays on your skin, the deeper the stain will get and the longer it will last.  Henna always produces the best stain on the hands and feet.  However, it is safe to apply to any part of the body.  We use only natural Henna and make the paste ourselves to ensure that all the ingredients are safe and hypoallergenic.

Once the paste comes off the body, the design takes 48-72 hours to fully develop.  Give us a call to book your Henna party today!!

Tech Needs: 1 table, 2 chairs. If outside, a shaded area is required.